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Default Re: [DF, DFRPG] Social Stigma - Savage versus Minority

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Emphasis added by me:[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Minority Group: ‑2 on all reaction rolls.*
Huh. Huh.

/checks books agian.

Yup, i missed that.

Savage: -2 on reaction rolls and -4 on skill rolls when buying or selling goods, finding backers, or engaging in similar negotiations, and a 6 or less chance of being denied entry to town.*
Okay. So if I read the DFRPG version (which is written differently*) this way it makes it equitable.


This issue just cropped up for me after reading the DFRPG version of Savage which says " have penalties when negotiating in or out of the dungeon" which to me goes hand in hand with "but... all social situations are a negotiation!11!"

If I instead read it as "business transactions" explicitly buying and selling, then it comes into line. I'd probably lump "negotiations to avoid fighting" into that, it seems appropriate after all.
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