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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I've often seen people say things like 100 points + 25 points/level, which gives 125 points at level 1, 250 points at level 6, and 375 points at level 11.
The maths works out pretty well for that in D&D3.x, assuming a not very generous stat generation method. More generous methods mean a higher base, and different descendants of 3.x have different advancement rates, but it's a decent baseline.
Serious demons, devils, etc. in AD&D were aimed toward level 9+ characters. Actual princes and lords were barely fair for level 14+ heroes. Thus, we're talking about monsters that would show up once people reach the 325- to 450-point range in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. In other words, stuff that mostly happens outside the top end of what the box covers.
Type V devils used to (in AD&D1) carve up quite high level parties. Type V demons used to carve up slightly lower level parties and their entire army of followers, hirelings, and minions. It was, I always thought, an interesting distinction between demons (army killers) and devils (hero killers) in AD&D1.
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