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Questionable. I'm not sure either group welcomed the idea of the subconscious. But for inspiration for the OOH I'm totally down with Jungian Archetypes.
Jung's ideas could fit the OoH, though they're also plausible for the Verbena or the Celestial Chorus (whereas Freud would appeal to the Cult of Ecstacy, if anyone in the Traditions). But Jung's collaboration with Freud, during which he mainly worked out the theory of the collective unconscious, was 1906-1913, just a little after my starting date.

What I'm mainly thinking of about Freud is his lack of interest in the occult and his attempt at biological explanations for human behavior (flawed though it was). He classified religion as an "illusion," founded on wish fulfillment. That would definitely not put him on the side of the Traditions. And Bernays, one of the pioneers in psychologically based mass advertising in the 1920s (he put together the "torches of freedom" march of women smoking cigarettes), was a follower of Freud. That's exactly the sort of thing the NWO would go for, I think.

But most of that is in the future.
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