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Originally Posted by philreed View Post
Thanks. I am sorry we were so late in delivering this, but we tried to communicate issues and keep everyone updated as we worked through the project.
You did excellent work with the communications aspect, which is where Kickstarter projects that fall down really fall down.

I've had a few come in years late (one is currently still struggling along), but they did eventually drag in and constantly interacting with the backers, appraising us of hangups the minute they happened, and that sort of thing made the wait quite tolerable. For really late projects, providing e.g. beta material or using the backers as playtesters to give us something to see, read, and play with was really good, but SJG has never got to this point of delay. The GenCon PDF delivery served a similar role, however, and was really nice!

Y'all also never had delays that were pretty silly on your part; I've had one RPG I backed end up very very late because the author just couldn't stop rewriting bits of it. I sympathize as an artist and programmer, but you got to declare a commercial product done eventually.
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