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Default Re: List of all promo cards


Sorry about the RIDICULOUSLY long drought in updating the lead post.
I have gone through and added all the promo cards I saw posted before this one.

I have been a bit out of the promo loop, so can anyone clarify for me what the Oomba set is? I saw we had 4 of those posted and I think someone mentioned that was some set of 9?

Because of the mass add, I may not have stuck to all of the formatting that I had set the precedence previously, but I will try to correct that as I am able.

Thank you to everyone that stayed active on listing updates while I was slacking.

I am going to continue to be sad that I missed out on the blank Zombies promo card. I guess that's what I get for disappearing.

Also, I am running into the character cap, so I'm going to need to start getting creative or make some changes
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