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Default Re: How do you force a celestial to celestial combat? And what do you do with captive

Rather than soul killing a demon, the simplest way to take them out permanently is to drug them up to their eyeballs while unconscious. The rules (CPG 124-126) are quite brutal; LSD alone can *permanently* reduce their Will by multiple points, ensuring that they will never escape Trauma.

Other drug inflict Discord, as does NC:Tongue. Even coffee is a serious threat to Celestials.

If you are going the Sorcerous route, consider getting the Sorcerer to Will-War 5 demonlings into submission and get a Creationer to beget a reliever with their 'assistance': that's far more productive than just killing them.

However, do bear in mind that going the vindictive route - and soul killing is definitely the vindictive route - is going to be noticed. Slapping a demon into Trauma hurts their Superior, since a new Vessel must be paid for out of the Word's essence; but local demons are unlikely to care (especially since the demon is likely from a rival Word). *Killing* the demon...that's going to persuade the demons to co-operate against you, out of self-preservation.

The immunity of Malakim to Trauma means that the current low level warfare and stalemate actually benefits Heaven, combat turning nasty surrenders that advantage.
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