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Default Other tactile game bits for DFRPG

This is a spin off on the subject of cardboard heroes, hex bases, etc:

Other things I have spent a huge amount of money on for D&D, as translated to DFRPG, that might be projects to consider for future DFRPG support:

A box of tokens for tracking various things
  • Hit Point markers in two colours to represent positive HP vs negative HP. Or three, to have another colour for the HP between 0 and 1/3. This makes it graphically obvious when you've crossed the threshold, and you have that really fun tactile effect of picking up tokens. Ditto for FP and ER/Power Items of course.
  • Tiles or cards to place down in front of me representing "status effects" and summarizing the penalties and restrictions imposed - the effect of being at 1/3 HP or 0 FP, the standard afflictions + deaf and blind + whatever else you find sifting through Spells and the bestiaries, crippling injuries (left arm crippled, right leg crippled, left eye blind), "Grappled", "Pinned".
The box itself should be sturdy enough that the lid can act as a dice arena; a luxury version would be wood for durability, and have a thin layer of a felt or velvet material to make it less noisy. You can have the logo laser cut on the lid this way :)

Blast templates for indicating the area covered by a spell or grenade
  • Wire edged outlines of AOE up to spell radius of 5; do wire edged so you can place it down over existing minis if it's a lingering effect like Grease or Ice Slick.
  • Alternately or as well, six individual little "Hex corners" to just place freeform at the edges of your effect, regardless of the size, and regardless of overlapping other effects. Having multiple sets of these in various colours to differentiate different spell effects is good.
  • The hex corners also let you lay out lines and cones with a little creativity.

Range rulers with the speed-range table penalty on them in colour bands, along with distance in inches/yards. This could also be a flexible tape measure for further range (if we were playing GURPS physically on a regular basis, I'd get out a marker and upgrade my dressmakers tape like this).
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