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Default Re: historically becoming landed as a small fry

Originally Posted by DanHoward View Post
You either buy a title, which comes with a parcel of land, or you marry the right girl.
The title thing is that is interesting to me personally - as long as I know "freeman" is a common "title" though in actuality it has not much to do with being an aristocrat. So i was thinking - I know that serf have been granted freedom or have bought themselves free but could a burgher or somesuch become a landed "freeman" not a landed small-aristocrat. A burgher or somesuch paying to become a a knight or even more is nothing unheard of but just becoming a farmer -- I guess marrying the right girl and getting some land out of the deal works. Can even be combined with "buying" a title - old time people being practical folks that is -- might be weird giving your lands under the care of a towny or worse a wanderer of somesuch but if he shows enough wealth to take care of it and your daughter then why not.
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