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Default Re: Push kick to yourself

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
It's a shove isn't it.

You might not be shoving directly at your target with your legs, but your shoving against a resistant surface with the resulting shoving motion working in the opposite direction and against the opponent.

If I was really going into it I'd allow a two legged shove to access the x1.2 ST bonus to two legged grapples.

It might not be a perfect match but close enough for me.
It was the 1,2 factor I was looking for. That seems more reasonable than 2x.

If executed as a Push it'll use well known mechanics.
If grappled from behind, you can lift both legs up and push off a heavy or immobile object, moving both yourself and the person grappling. However is the grappler lets you go in time, you fall down. Or is he is not strong enough to carry you, you both fall.
Or, in normal non-grappling close combat, I'd considera Push with both hands to move either you or your opponent, depending on who has the lower ST.
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