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Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Yes, it is. But wouldn't that be more likely to appeal to the Progenitors or the New World Order than the Order of Hermes or even the Sons of Ether?
You know what might fit in the setting; I just know the history. Historical magic is nothing like as specialised as what one needs for an RPG. There's lots of pointless memorisation, like all those long lists of demons and what they do, but nothing like systematisation or hierarchy; you get a list of fifty demons, not a classification of five types with ten examples of each.

If you want an old-fashioned theory of mental process from the real world, well, there's no real distinction between mind and soul until the 1700s, and it took a while to catch on. But from what I remember of the WW system it makes a very definite distinction between Spirit and Mind. So you're a bit stuffed, really.
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