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Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
Again a good point. Proto-nationalist feelings were strongest in England and France.
Something Centrum would have a hard time coming to grips with. Centrum already hates nationalism, and certainly wouldn't expect it on a timeline as far back as this one (before The Treaty of Westphalia, which most IRL political theorists state as the beginning of the concept of the 'nation-state').

In the old, 1990s GURPS Time Travel, there was a list of some successful Centrum interventions, and one was Queen Mary of England executing her sister Elizabeth. There was also a reference to a Q7 former echo in the sixteenth century, Arachne, where Centrum deliberately revealed its presence in order to facilitate making the timeline a satrapy of Centrum.

If you put those two together, you would have a timeline kind of like this Queen Mary of Scotland & France one (albeit a different Queen Mary), but with open Centran dominance.
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