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Default [RPM] Mind Control

I'm trying to figure out how to do total mind control with Ritual Path Magic. According to Path of Mind's description (p. 12), Greater Control Mind is classic "mind control". So you'd think that, to get someone to be your loyal slave, prepared to jump off a cliff should you ask for it, it should be enough to create a ritual looking at least like this:

Typical Casting: Greater Control Mind (5) + Duration, 10 minutes (1). 18 energy (63).

That's way too cheap a ritual to get you in full control of a being. I think it can't be right, even more so because we have a couple of mind control rituals in the grimoire. One such ritual is Truthteller (p. 51): the subject is compelled to tell the truth. Way "simpler" than full mind control, and it requires 54 energy (of course, it has longer duration and a range modifier compared to the example above).

This made me realize that a total mind control ritual would require some advantages/disadvantages. I was thinking of Ally with the Minion modifier or something like that, but I couldn't work it out.

How would you guys do it? I was hoping that I could flesh out this kind of mind control and make it hard to cast, because mind control can easily ruin a plot.

By the way, looking at Truthteller, the spell gives the subject a couple of disadvantages with No Self-Control Roll. Does the disadvantage have, like, 3 times the listed cost? I could reverse-engineer it to find out, but I'd also like to know if there's a book mentioning this, because I can't find it in the Basic Set.
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