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I am just a gamer who reads stuff, not an expert on occultism or anything, but if you eliminate decanic astrology, the seprioth, goetia and theurgy as belonging to other traditions what is left of Hermeticism other than alchemy (which itself includes aspects of these things)?Historical Hermeticism was syncretic.
Well, I had actually said that I thought maybe there was a case for allowing kabbalah, and I certainly thought decanic astrology could as legitimately be included as conventional astrology. The tradition of "natural magic" in the historical middle ages included planetary influences on metals. It's goetia I'm cautious about, and largely because it seems to have ties to summoning demons. I can work with other traditional arts such as astrology, numerology, alchemy, lapidary magic, sacred architecture, and so on.

For Mind, it occurs to me that a couple of suitable models might be, on one hand, oneiromancy, and on the other, physiognomy. There are also the canons of representing the human body in painting and sculpture.
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