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Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
I think I'm going to have to pass up the Sigil of Dantalion as a focus. It seems like we're looking (a) at goetia and (b) at calling on demons, or what I've seen called ritual magic (in a non-gaming sense) as opposed to natural magic. On both counts it seems more like what the Nephandi would use in a standard mage campaign, or what corrupted mages would do, or what really dumb mages would do (really, dealing with the devil is like giving your personal information to a Nigerian bank fraud). The source material for the OoH doesn't make them out to be ALL demonolators; they may be stuffy and arrogant but many of them actually have good intentions.
I am just a gamer who reads stuff, not an expert on occultism or anything, but if you eliminate decanic astrology, the seprioth, goetia and theurgy as belonging to other traditions what is left of Hermeticism other than alchemy (which itself includes aspects of these things)?Historical Hermeticism was syncretic.
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