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Dear Curt,

I have the vehicle construction rules and racing event rules from the former Car Wars gaming group Championship Autoduelling Circuit (CADC) of Detroit, MI. Tim Gould of the CADC was the Head Referee of two of the AADA World Racing Championships almost 20 years ago. Send me your e-mail address in a private message and I can e-mail you the CADC information. (If anyone else on this forum is interested, I can post that information on my Web site.)

The NOVA Web site has a short list of rules for racing events.

NOVA - Club Rules

The Sword and Shield pressure plates from the movies Death Race and Death Race 2 might be helpful in Car Wars racing events to encourage higher speeds.

The late Aaron Allston wrote some combat racing rules for Car Wars in 1984. I can discuss them offline.
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

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