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A Christianized kabbalah sepriothic tree was absolutely a thing that existed in Hermetic occultism in the real world, and definitely predates Frazer and certainly GURPS Cabal.

What about the seal of Dantalion, who according to the Ars Goetia can grant telepathy?
The former is parallel to using the decanic system, which as I understand it was part of magic long before the Middle Ages. I don't necessarily see a problem with it, though I'm not sure how it would fit into Mage: There's Kabbalah in Ars Magica, which is sort of the baseline for the Order of Hermes, but it seems to be separate from Hermetic arts, and it might almost make better sense for it to have been adopted by the Celestial Chorus. On the other hand, the later Order of Hermes seems to have gotten eclectic.

As to the latter, can you supply a quotation? And is there a generic class of magical things that can be used for similar effects, say for impulse projection or illusion creation or mind control?
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