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What about items associated with Thoth (idols, ibis feathers, baboon fur), the goetic numerology of Da'at and/or Chokmah, and swords?
Swords (or other blades) seem kind of appropriate as Hermetic symbolism, though perhaps a bit overt for coincidental use.

I'm thinking that the Cabal system actually isn't what I want. Yes, it has an aspect of high ritual magic. But it's also based on the laws of Similarity and Contagion, which were formulated by Frazer, I believe, on the basis of a study of ancient and present-day tribal magical beliefs. That is, at worst, they were a description of hedge magic, and at best of the kind of thing Dreamspeakers might go in for. I don't think the Hermetic tradition actually uses those principles, and a system built up from them for gaming purposes may not be a good fit.

I could see adopting the decanic system as a Hermetic formalism, no problem. But if it were used to affect Mind, it seems as if the entire system would be a model of Mind, just as an entire horoscope, alll seven planets and twelve signs, is a model of the person it's cast for.
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