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Default Re: Segmented Plate - Low Tech II what am I missing?

Not all settings and locations necessarily have access to all potential options. So sometimes a sub optimal choice (by GURPS rules) in terms of the entire armour chart, may not be available in a particular setting. And yeah ultimately not all technologies even if they theoretically concurrent are as good as each other.

Also isn't Segmented plate lighter than Scale at DR4 & DR5?

And yeah OK mail is lighter at all DR's but you have the -2DR vs Cr.

Scale at the higher DR's is really heavy. DR5 is 40lbs for torso, so torso, upper arms, thighs and knees will weight 68lbs that's a lot, especially when you factor a helmet in, plus what ever else your running around with!

Obviously that last point depends on what your ST is.

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