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First excerpt from the New York Times, second from the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, 1990: a tradition of macabre feasts, perfect for subjecting a group of players to a refined evening with their rich, powerful, villainous antagonist.

From the NYT, the "Hell Banquet" of the Roman emperor Diometian:

From the Oxford Symposium, a Carnival pre-Lenten feast: (warning, contemporary racial term employed)

(Minor edit: I learn upon a more thorough reading of the source that the feast described is literary, but that its author threw a similar and indeed even more elaborate Carnival feast for his guests, so I will leave it here as exemplary.)
Yet more proof that reality is odder than fiction. The above would be called 'melodramatic' or 'unbelievable' or cinematic villain stuff' if used in fiction, but reality can overmatch it. It's truly impressive what rich, protected, bored, and twisted people can come up with to indulge themselves.
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