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Default Re: Alien Race Template Feedback

Hmmmmm... I see you have Space Elves (Syren), Proud Warrior Race Guys (Morsk), Intelligent Gerbils (Orm - the term applies to any alien that acts like any terrestrial animal, not just gerbils), and Green-Skinned Space Babes (Maki-liki)... I see why you want to make them less cookie-cutter.

You've already played with the trope for the Orm - they aren't bipedal. Take a look at the trope descriptions that I linked to and make a few changes that will fit your campaign setting. Do the Maki-liki live up to the reputation you've given them, or is that just wishful thinking on the part of humanity? Is there a noticeable minority of focused or single-minded Syren? Do the Morsk conform to the stereotype and look down on their scientists, or do they treat science careers as just as valid choices as combat careers? And so on...
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