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Default Re: First Impressions

So, I got my copy with the GM screen on Thursday, and I only got a chance to look at it today. Good bits and bad bits as follows-

*Production quality is high. I mean, really, really high. Kudos to SJ Games.
*Everything is well laid out and the first adventure is a perfect setup for second and third and fourth adventures.
*The rules are clear, straightforward, and coherent.
*Lots of potential for neat expansion materials.
*The game feels like a classic form of "Dungeons and Dragons" and that is a good thing.

*The cardboard bit in the bottom is too big. I'm going to have to do surgery to make it a bit smaller so that I can fit in the GM screen....except I won't be able to fit in the cardboard heroes if I do.
(Slight revision after looking at it again...maybe if I pop the cardboard heroes out of the sprune and put them in the spacer box that is there to hold things up, I can maybe squeeze in the GM screen.)
*The Delvers To Go should have really been a part of the boxed set, not the GM Screen.
*The moment I even suggest this game to the people at the (only) nearby FLGS, they will be running, screaming to the hills about "GURPS! MATH! IT BURNS!"

(The local gaming groups all seem to play only fratboy Pathfinder.)

So, finding people to play this with may be a tad difficult.

Hopefully with find somebody to play it with soon.
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