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Default Re: Spitballing a Space Opera Boxed Set

True, but I think most people are more willing to suspend their disbelief for that than for reactionless thrusters.

On another note, you could handwave the FTL issue by saying that a) the universe has mechanisms in place to protect itself from FTL related paradoxes, and b) the FTL drive uses part of the energy put into it to match velocities with the star you're going to.

For example, say you're going about 15 km/s away from and relative to Sol and aimed at Alpha Centauri. You make your FTL jump or warp or whatever it's called and appear at Alpha Centauri on the same vector relative to the Alpha Centauri system, but now you're just heading at the stars at 15 km/s relative to them. Basically, the FTL just translates you vector to the system and does whatever it needs to do to make that vector relative to that system.
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