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Default Re: Binary propellant and Standard TL 8 guns?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
The problem with solving for half velocity is that GURPS 1/2D range bears pretty much no relation to the actual range at which projectile velocity is halved.
I'm not sure that what you wrote is what I thought you wrote...

I wasn't expecting that the velocity would be halved as such. Using an actual example...

A round designated as .45 Colt, developed and released for public sales in 1873 that weighed 255 grains, and had a muzzle velocity of 855 feet per second, its average damage worked out to be 8.5 points, or 2d6+1 damage.

In order to reduce the average damage to 8.5/2 or 4.25...

The velocity must now become: 440 feet per second. Not half the velocity to be sure, but that's what I had to change the velocity value to get a damage of 4.25.

I'm guessing however that this is not necessarily what you meant. Am I right?
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