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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (OOC)

Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
What a delightful brain-toy for me! But I'm not clear--what are you thinking 'a rope, a hose'? He's going to tie down a car? Or just the mercy brake? And sing to it--Phaeton? How much does Kane know about that?

--edit-- giggle. Googled "Phaeton". That's not the model name of the car you're seeing. I haven't specified, but how about...Mustang? As in the car is a Mustang but Ryuki called it an "off-Broadway Phaeton".
That was basically his brain glazing through different options, whether it's jamming the mercy brake, or using random objects to trap or upend it (Malakite of Creation), or singing soothingly to the wild spirit inside it. He's priming the pump for whatever inspiration may come.
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