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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
So if there is no distinction between fallen angels and demons that were formed to be evil then couldn't you say there is no distinction between demons and undead? Or fairies or any monster? Or even any adversary? And why even have any description of monsters at all? Why not just have numerical stats? There is something in the dungeon with DR5, 20HP, reach C and does 1d6 damage from an attack at skill 18.
I think that's taking it way out of proportion. One feeling there's no distinction between fallen angels and demons in a setting doesn't mean that there's no distinction between undead and demons, etc. it feels like you (the OP) are getting frustrated that there's not more agreement on your opinion of modeling AD&Ds demons / devils and extrapolating that to mean folks don't care about any descriptions, distinctions, etc.

There's many different cultural interpretations of demons, plus plenty of ones to be made up, and disagreement on any particular premise is just and only that.

What about supernatural creatures from India, China or Japan, which have entirely different cosmologies? Or the Greek underworld (Pluto, Cerebus), or struggles of Titans vs Olympians? Are Titans demons? Campaign 1 says "no", campaign 2 says "oh, yea ... ".
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