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Default Further Adventures?

I've loved GURPS since 1e, but as I've gotten older and my game time has gotten more precious, I've definitely fallen for the lure of the Easy to Pickup and Run games like D&D and Pathfinder. So I got very excited to maybe be able to get back to using GURPS.

But as much as the streamlined rules are awesome, the truly important part of the ease of playing D&D or PF is the adventure selection. I'm glad that we have 2 starter adventures to get us started, but I'm already looking down the road to what will follow. I just do not have the time to make my own adventures anymore. Is SJGames looking at publishing more DF adventures? Either in Pyramid or as standalone products? Are there any 3rd party ones in the works? The completely generic Town Setting of DF is perfect for modular, drop in adventures that have previously never really sold for SJG.

Because if there are not options like that available, DF will just not be able to stay as our go-to game.

Here's hoping adventure support is coming. :)
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