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Default Re: 3e stat conflicts with 4e?

If you're going to use GURPS VEHICLES or GURPS ROBOTS, might I suggest using the comments I posted in THIS thread? It uses the newer Complexity ratings for computers in GURPS 4e, but adapts it for use with the GURPS ROBOTS design rules (and consequently, can help for using GURPS VEHICLES designs for robots etc.

Also, given the choice between running a combat between ships of the line in GURPS 4e rules and in GURPS 3e rules, the battles will take longer in 3e than in 4e. Truth be told? That is how it should be. My thoughts on the 4e rules for Age of Sail ships and the damages dealt out by cannons in GURPS 4e, make it impossible for a Ship of the Line to withstand hours of battle as they did in real life.

Playability versus realism. It has been pointed out that a squad of musketeers firing muskets, can sink the HMS VICTORY in a relatively short period of time per the GURPS rules as written.

If you can get your hands on HEART OF OAK miniatures rules in the form of PRIVATEERS AND GENTLEMEN, (which can be had either as a PDF or as a newly reprinted Book from Fantasy Games Unlimited - or keep your eyes open for BEAT TO QUARTERS by Command Perspective on ebay (out of print since the 1980's) - you may be better using the miniature rules than the GURPS rules, and using the GURPS rules for character interactions.

That's just me however... ;)
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