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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

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Finally, Elder Things aren't material. They aren't extradimensional in the usual sense, either. They are strictly speaking outside the concept of dimensions. I'm not partial to the D&D cosmology, but using that as our example: if the Ethereal Plane (meaning all the Ethereal Planes) surrounds the Prime and connects it to the Inner Planes, and the Astral Plane surrounds all that and connects it to the Outer Planes, then Elder Things lurk in whatever surrounds all that – what some D&D works call the Far Realm or simply Outside.
I guess I much prefer the idea that Elder Things are in the physical universe. Some are flying between the stars like the migo while deep ones live in the real ocean. They are just out of phase of our dimension until the stars are aligned. Haster is out in space and Cthulhu below the sea waiting for their time when the dimensions come together. Cultists can perform rituals to contact the Elder Things across the dimensions and possibly cause them to align bringing death and destruction to mankind. Elder Things IMO are not gods, neither Divine nor Infernal, they are just the sad truth about reality that there are beings within it that destroy humanity effortlessly. The gods shunted them to other dimensions but they are still there and their presence can be felt by mortals who are close to them.
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