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Default Re: Can guards do more than blades?

Against a joint, striking with the pommel can be more effective than stabbing with the blade, particularly if the blade is of Good or lower quality and the attacker has a decent level of Brawling. This is for a combination of reasons - first, impaling doesn't get its x2 wounding modifier when striking limbs/extremities, meaning the two are comparable in wounding. Secondly, impaling gets no special treatment when striking a joint, while crushing does. From your description, the weapon being used was at best a Light Rapier, probably more likely a Dress Smallsword, so you're looking at thr+1 or thr imp, respectively, vs thr+1 (assuming decent Brawling skill) cr. Against a limb or extremity, the two do essentially the same damage (impaling has the advantage of bleeding, but that's more long term). Against joints, the hilt punch has an advantage, as it requires less penetrating damage to cripple the target.
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