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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

"Demon vs. devil" is a D&D invention. The distinction qualifies as theirs in the legal sense, so you're never going to see it in GURPS or the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. It doesn't have support in folklore or mythology, which means we'd be on very shaky ground adopting it, because we'd have nothing in the public domain to point to as our source.

The distinction between "entity indigenous to Hell" and "soul trapped in Hell and turned into something awful" is another matter. For sure, damned souls of former mortals aren't the same thing as bad guys that came into being on another plane of existence and never did a hitch as a mortal. That distinction has a lot more support in myth and folklore, and could be fun to explore in future works!

Finally, Elder Things aren't material. They aren't extradimensional in the usual sense, either. They are strictly speaking outside the concept of dimensions. I'm not partial to the D&D cosmology, but using that as our example: if the Ethereal Plane (meaning all the Ethereal Planes) surrounds the Prime and connects it to the Inner Planes, and the Astral Plane surrounds all that and connects it to the Outer Planes, then Elder Things lurk in whatever surrounds all that – what some D&D works call the Far Realm or simply Outside.
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