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Default Re: How much do you enjoy the character upgrade minigame?

I don't think of spending cp as a minigame. Maybe it is the way I do cp?

Like others, I give out relatively small numbers of cp per session: 2-4. But perhaps more importantly, players may only spend cp on things they've used that session. So the character sheet and the cps become a record of what the characters have done, they are not an expression of player aspiration of what they'd like the characters to be.

I also, as a player, am a method actor type (Of Robin Laws types)--so my advancement House rules are part of that. I don't particularly want heavy metagaming in advancement. I have personally spent cp on skills my PC used that were not "optimal" choices for what adventures might be in the future but reflected the experiences the character had.

Note: I have found doing advancement this way doesn't warp characters. I tend to go for what I think of as a heightened realist feel (as opposed to a miserable realist feel)...and advancing the way I do results in characters going from 150 to 250cp while still feeling like realistic characters.
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