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Default Re: A Generic RPG from Fantasy Flight Games?

I just saw that today. Interesting, so the dice are fixed in their facings, and therefore the probabilities will have to maintain cohesion across all applicable genres.

I know triStat dX handled it by allowing you to change the "X" in the "dX" according to power level of the setting. It also changed the point cost for skills and advantages, based on how useful they'd be for your particular setting (with the more useful ones priced higher).

The d20 system kept the most common "see if this works" roll at the d20, with the rest of the dice playing supporting roles in specific ranges. I still prefer the 3d6 of the GURPS bell curve, which helps to normalize the result even within a single dice roll in a way that flat-probability rolls like d20 and d% only achieve in the aggregate.

If Genesys gets a free sample PDF to give a brief overview (GenesysLite, perhaps?) I'll definitely take a look. But part of the reason I bought into GURPS in the first place was to subscribe to a universal system so I'd save money when I cross genres. I probably wouldn't buy into Genesys' full ruleset unless it's really exciting.
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