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Default Finder's Fee side quests

Hello all!

This thread if for mini side quests centered around finding personnel willing to fulfill a contract for a well off person in exchange for a fee...

A medieval fantasy entrepreneur has recently bought an island for a very good price, and has learned predatory beasts such as panthers or tigers roam it. He could have just exterminated everything, or called it a loss, but instead he sees it as an opportunity, and wishes to hire an experienced druid to pacify the wildlife so that not only it wouldn't be hostile to the wealthy vacationers, but would actually be able to be part of the attraction on the island. Druids that skilled do not grow on trees however (no pun intended), and as such, there would be a handsome fee for anyone finding such a druid and convincing them to take the job.

A professional gambler wants the services of a mathematician to solve a casino game for optimal play, in exchange for part of the take he would make before being banned from every casino in town.

A high class casino is looking to recruit some talent for their shows. Comedians, musicians, actors... Alternatively, a seedier casino might be looking for adult entertainers, potentially some who may fulfill some very specific profiles...

An impoverished noble who has just married a wealthy merchant is looking to renovate, and as such is looking for talented artists to fill the house with quality art.
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