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Default Re: Size Modifier/Attributes

Originally Posted by Htoad2020 View Post
I need it at -6 or -7 SM and thank you.
Ok. The rules in Bio-Tech are based on how much the creature is being scaled, rather than SM as such. So something half the height of a human uses the 1/2 scale modifications, something one third uses the 1/3 mods, and so forth. The table in Bio-Tech only goes down to 1/6th scale, and you're talking about going from SM +3 (7 yards) to SM -7 (5 inches), which is roughly 1/50th scale, so the table needs to be extrapolated. Just taking the numbers on the existing table and extrapolating them roughly, without trying to do any basis in realism (which I lack the knowledge to do), 1/50th scale would suggest -35 to IQ for going from SM +3 to SM -7.

However, I want to emphasize again that this a) is based on a system for human genetic engineering, not any other creatures, b) is assuming you're modifying an existing brain, evolved for functioning at its original size, and trying to modify it to function at a smaller size, rather than developing new structures better-adapted for the new scale, and c) isn't taking magic into account at all. In the situation you've described, shrinking D&D-style dragons either magically or statting out smaller versions that presumably pre-exist and have evolved for their size, the IQ penalty above probably doesn't make sense at all.
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