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Default Rick and Morty Munchkin Snuffles/Tammy

A question was brought up in a game of Rick and Morty Munchkin regarding the stipulations on the cards Tammy and Snuffles.

The Tammy card states "If Birdperson is in play when Tammy enters combat, discard him." Similarly, the Snuffles card states "If Snuffles is in play when Snowball enters combat, discard him." The point of contention is whether this is meant to force the holder of Birdperson/Snuffles to discard (provided the holder has the card equipped) when Tammy/Snowball enters combat with anyone, or only when the cardholder is in the combat.

Further, if the card may be retained if Tammy/Snowball are in combat with another player, does the wording saying to discard "when Tammy/Snowball enters combat" mean that if the cardholder were to join the combat after Tammy/Snowball had already "entered" it with the other player, could keep their card?

I, personally, am of the mind that the wording seems to imply that the cardholder must discard regardless of with whom Tammy/Snowball enters combat, but my opponents tend to disagree.
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