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And here's the progress report: Five of my six players showed up for the character creation session; the sixth e-mailed to say he had to work and ask to build a character later. They started out voting for a Traditions campaign rather than a Technocracy one. Then they built, respectively, an old school English witch (not one of those new agey Gardnerians) who was a classic Verbena; a teenage Romani boy who was a Euthanatos; a black Barbadian who was a Dreamspeaker; a Diné shaman who was another Dreamspeaker; and a second teenage boy, apparently an English runaway, who was an orphan with a primarily specialization in Entropy (and a geas forbidding him to sleep under a roof, lest his magic turn against him). I'm doing a quick review, but so far I'm seeing only minor tweaks to be made.

It kind of makes sense to me to have a Romani Euthanatos. As I understand it, the Rom speak an Indic language and are more or less long lost South Asians; and South Asia seems to be the primary source of the Euthanatos, though other areas such as Greece and Ireland also figured into their origin.

There's got to be a really interesting story for how those five came together, with four of them under one roof as a newly emerged Chantry.
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