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Default Re: Dance Limitation on Magery

Again thanks guys, my ruling to the player.

OK so the deal is this with the dancing it is allowed but you need to take the dancing skill. At -40% it is actually dancing as opposed to must be able to move.

To maintain a spell you must be dancing the whole duration.

If you are dancing then your melee skill will be capped the lower of your weapon skill or your dance skill.

And to dance during flight you will need a Dance (Air) skill.*

And you will need at least the majority of the six surrounding hexes clear (4 out of the 6). Or you will need to make a dancing roll to keep on dancing.

Now you don't technically need the dance skill to do magic but if you are going to maintain spells with dancing only magery AND attack in melee (or ranged weapons) then you are going to need know how to dance. Time to get footloose!

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