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Default Re: Dance Limitation on Magery

Originally Posted by robertsconley View Post
Why is Dance is a -40% limitation on Magery?

A player did this in trying to build a type of sword mage. Is there some implication I missing beyond the obvious if you are immobilized you can't cast a spell with Magery?
It is a bigger limitation than similar Accessiblities are, for sure ("only while flying" or "only while swimming" are both listed at -30%, for example). I think the fact that it also means that high skill never eliminates the need for gestures is probably worth bumping up the limitation value a bit, though.

I would say, however, that to qualify for this, you actually have to be dancing, and you can't just handwave the dance as being part of the normal foot gestures spells require. So, you've got to a have a decent clear floorspace, or make a DX roll to avoid falling if you don't, and the movements will be obviously a dance, you can't pass them off as just some shuffling or fidgeting to someone watching. For a "sword mage", I'd be inclined to say that, if they want to be casting spells while fighting with a sword, they've got to be wielding the sword as a dance. At minimum, they'd have to have Dancing skill at some level, and I'd be inclined to cap their effective weapon skill at their Dancing skill.
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