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Originally Posted by Htoad2020 View Post
This is for humaniods not dragons and it just for ST, HT and DR I need it in DX, IQ and hit points plus movement.
Hit points, being based on strength, will scale in the same manner as strength.

Dex and IQ do not really scale.

From our experience with actual animals, intelligence does not depend too greatly on size. The size of a brain required for a given level of behavioral complexity seems to scale as roughly a .75 power of body size, but, in general, animals will tend to have evolved brains about as large as they need (and no larger), so larger dragons (or whatever) will tend to have about the same IQ stat as smaller ones, but manage to do so with brains that take up a somewhat lower proportion of their total body mass.

There is a stereotype correlating large size with low dexterity, but I am not convinced that reality backs that up. The elephant, quite apart from the remarkable "manual" dexterity with which it maneuvers its trunk, is certainly no klutz in its gross movements.
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