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I tested the Ceasefire Collapse scenario from ODE with my brother. My Paneuropean units got trashed pretty badly. We played with no Ogres (first time ever), 18 infantry, and 16 armor. I picked the same size force for each player: 2 GEV, 2 GEV PC, 1 Superheavy (I love it!), 1 Howitzer, 1 Mobile Howitzer, 3 missie tanks, and 3 heavy tanks. It was a very tough game, decided by die rolls, mostly. The howitzers hit very hard, and infantries in forests provide excellent defensive positions (the city hex were rubbles as per the scenario instructions). I think we have to practice more to fully understand how to use the units at their best. However, besides the fact that I kept rolling 1s (i love the greek helmet but not thath much...), we have a really good time!

The Combine forces annihilated the Paneuropean army.

Combine force survived: 2 GEV Pc, 1 GEV, 12 Infantries, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 Howitzer.

Both Paneuropean CPs got destroyed. Evalutation: total loss!

Leonidas out, for now.

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