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Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Personally I would really prefer it if players read Exploits. I like it when people have some idea of what they can actually do and how to do it.

In practice most of them are only going to skim Adventures, which if you really wanted to be cynical about you really just could tabulate a list of the templates with brief summaries, and a similar list of the kewl powerz.
And most players will want to buy Exploits. And GMs may want him/her to buy it. No argument there. But making it a requirement (when it really isn't) means forcing them to spend $60 just to participate and buy a bunch of stuff they may never use. Having Adventurers available alone means the player might be able to get all he needs for only $10 (more or less). Low cost can be an incentive to buy at all.
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