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Default Play report - Draft, 9/18/17

We held an eight-person draft this afternoon in the office.

After we all built our decks, we paired off and squared off. Because we were both slammed with other things, I was only able to play one game against CEO Phil Reed. I am pleased to report that after a hard-fought battle, I emerged victorious.

Drafting was an interesting experience. Turns out, if all the other jerks at the table take good monsters before you can see them, it can make for a challenging game. I ended up building a "spill and kill" deck that was designed to chip away at Phil's cards until he ran out of cards to draw. I also had several healing effects to keep me alive until I could whittle Phil's deck down to zero. It helped that I did some hefty damage to Phil early, so he was hesitant to bluff too often lest he end up killing himself in the process.

My deck certainly wasn't the most efficient build it could have been, but I learned some things both about the CCG and about drafting, and I have every confidence that future decks will be better.

And I *did* win, so I clearly didn't screw up too badly!
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