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Default Re: Our dwarves are different

Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
Since there's a lot of threads about dwarves, I thought I'd make my own to get inspiration...

I'm getting a pretty good handle on how I want elves to be. EVERYONE talks about elves, so it's easy to "data mine" (plagiarize) from dozens of sources.


But what about dwarves? What makes dwarves unique in your universe? How did they come to be? What defines them? How are they different from "short humans, lives underground, likes gold, gruff, Scottish accent"?
Loves artisanship. Has an aesthetic interest mostly in rock and metalurgy and crafting with such. Make great infantrymen, never forgets a favor or insult. Lives in city-states and tribes but never empires or territorial kingdoms. Very conservative. Always hungers after the past. Stubborn. Resistant to ring-addiction. Made by Aule who goofed up and had to be rescued by Eru because even the Valar can't make a whole intelligent species of their own. And where the heck did the Scottish accent come from?
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