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Originally Posted by Rysith View Post
"correct" is a bit of a broad term. That will give you the ability to alter gravity by up to 500%, which I assume is in the range of what you want. I wouldn't give you the melee attack discount, since control already requires touch. I'd also strongly consider requiring the character to buy up their skill and have them take No Nuisance Rolls rather than using C:NRR.

If point cost is a consideration, though, that's going to be excessively expensive, even cutting out the +100% by dropping the Cosmic: Control (Gravity) 50 is a thousand points base, and even with a discount for only one object at a time (since it seems like the big thing there is the lack of weight limit that you might have with telekinesis - a thousand points of TK is a /lot/ of TK, but control 50 gets you a 50-yard radius) that actually seems like a kind of lackluster power for that many points, although you could pull some pretty impressive power stunts.

As I mentioned, if you aren't trying to use gravity control to bypass the weight limit, you might consider a build using compartmentalized mind and telekinesis - remember that what matters is the game effects, not the fluff description around them.
According to Powers (91) "To control gases, energy, or forces, you must reach into or stand within the desired area of effect", which I assumed meant as long as you were in the general vicinity of something you could crush or send it flying into space, which goes against the character's ability which is why I limited it to melee attack instead. I also though of using a non-damaging melee innate attack with this ability as a follow-up, but that seemed needlessly complicated.

It wouldn't work for Telekinesis, as the range of telekinesis is too small. Someone "charged" with enough of this power could have the vector of their gravity changed long enough for them to leave orbit, which is way outside the range of telekinesis unless I gave it increased range 10 or something ridiculous.

As for the No Nuisance Rolls perk, I can't use it because this ability can be used in combat to send an enemy flying, and using the perk would prevent that.
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