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But what about dwarves? What makes dwarves unique in your universe? How did they come to be? What defines them? How are they different from "short humans, lives underground, likes gold, gruff, Scottish accent"?
In my current universe, dwarves are the smallest race, smaller than the hobbit analogs. A typical dwarf has SM -2 and ST 5, though they have Arm ST +1. Low-tech dwarves produce obsidian, chipped flint, and semiprecious stones, and trade for game; higher-tech dwarves produce metals, often bronze, as well as glass and porcelain, and trade for a wider range of goods. I modeled dwarf social behavior on naked mole rates, with a fertile female, maybe two to five fertile males, and a bunch of sterile workers; males trade, guard the mine, and do the heavy work, but females manage both the heart and the smelter, and workers do the chores.
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