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Default Re: Spitballing a Space Opera Boxed Set

Originally Posted by hal View Post
Rather than think in bland generic terms, I would suggest that the Space Opera style game be VERY specific.

For example, suppose the setting were for Earth 50 to 100 years from now?
I think you have basically described Transhuman Space. Not exactly, but pretty close. It's already almost a boxed set ... just missing the box and a few top-notch, open-the-can-and-serve adventures. There are even miniatures already out there for the line. Space marines? THS has them. Intelligent robots? Check. Electrolasers? Sure thing. Space elevators and Martian settlements? Yup. Mysteries in the Oort Cloud? Affirmative!

The only thing THS is missing is the woo-woo and gee-whiz of psionics, aliens, and FTL travel and communications.
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