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Default Re: Spitballing a Space Opera Boxed Set

Rather than think in bland generic terms, I would suggest that the Space Opera style game be VERY specific.

For example, suppose the setting were for Earth 50 to 100 years from now? Suppose someone did a job describing the space vehicles used to get man off earth and onto the moon and say Mars. Then go with what happens when you have facial recognition software that operates via a central network (ie multiple hand held cell phones and a primary computer that takes the requests for identification in stride, makes the identification, and shoots the information back to the networked cell phone. Toss in some VERY rudimentary AI capabilities (nothing earth shattering and see where it takes us.

Toss in technology abuse as well as technological gains - and the story can be set anywhere in the world - First World Country, Last world country, Earth Orbit station, Mars Prime, Luna Prime, or what have you.

Maybe have a more broad cybernetic limb replacement system that is NOT common amongst the normal population or have it be wide spread (Fine tuning the SCI-FI). Have biotech as a limited thing, or have BIOTECH as an emphasized thing (again, fine tuning).

Then FINE tune the space craft rules. Subsequent supplements can be released for when mankind leaps for the stars.

In short? Build the basic FRAME to achieve ONE basic setting, and the the GM's fine tune it to their desires. Have artificial beings for those who want Bladerunner. Have cybernetic limbs for those who love the DEUS EX: HUMANITY DIVIDED set up. Space 1999 should be doable.

That's my advice for what the SCI-FI version of DUNGEON FANTASY should be. Give the buyers 100 items, and let them pick and choose as to what to emphasize or de-emphasize for their game worlds.
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