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Default Re: 3rd edition Job table

Originally Posted by Drakyrias View Post
I understand that on an 18 I'm supposed to use results after the / mark but in the case of crippling wounds its supposed to be in addition to damage rolled, which implies that in the cases of guards/soldiers I'm supposed to roll 2d/4d and they suffer a crippling injury.

This especially confuses me when multiple damage codes are listed for the same job (i.e. Military officer and 3d/3i, 5d)
The crucial point is that the / separates two completely separate outcomes, and doesn't just indicate alternatives within that word.

For the guard/soldier, if they critically fail, but don't roll an 18, they take 2d damage, and that's all. If they roll an 18, they take 4d damage and a random limb is crippled. How you pick the limb is left open, the obvious options are to number the arms and legs and roll 1d, re-rolling 5s and 6s, or roll repeatedly on the random hit location table until you come up with a limb. If you want to allocate the damage in several wounds, you're at liberty to do so.

For the officer, the basic outcome is just 3d injury, and the outcome on an 18 is loss of three months' income and 5d of injury.

Does that make more sense now?
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