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Default Re: Penalty to ALL Attacks with Off Hand

My mistake. Reading the sections you noted, it does seem DFRPG continues allowing off-hand unarmed strikes without penalty.

In my 'defense,' the box is on and reads as though still part of the general preamble of the "Attacks" main header. The section "Melee Attacks" doesn't start until p. 37, and shares a sub-heading with "Unarmed Combat" on p. 38 and "Ranged Attacks" on p. 41.

But at any rate, the Ambidexterity advantage on p. 47 of "Adventurers" says "Most people... suffer -4 to DX when fighting..." (not to a trained skill like Karate or Brawling, but to DX), and as you noted, the "Unarmed Striking Skills" section on p. 93 explicitly says there's no off-hand penalty for unarmed strikes. (I would assume the same grappling).

So, the mystery that didn't exist until I made it one is "solved." Thank you (and DFRPG) for clarifying!
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