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Default Re: full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I don't think there's an actual distinction between the powers of the sixteen rings distributed to men and dwarves; it's just that nine men and seven dwarves got rings.
For the Tolkien versions, there's no good reason to assume the rings have any different powers among themselves, and indeed it is fairly likely they all do the same thing.

For a homebrewed artifacts unrelated to Tolkien they can of course do anything, and that seems to be the OP intent here - these things are not related to Tolkein's rings at all, there just happen to be seven of them and they belong to dwarven leaders.

There probably isn't a lot we can do without more information. Most importantly, what do you see as the story role of these things? Are they artifacts the PCs are likely to get their hands on? Are they sacred objects they'll never so much as see you are using the powers of only as justification for events in the past history of the clans? Do they inspire the various septs to make inferior copies that have lesser versions of their specific powers that will be common among members of each sept - in which case the problem is somewhat like designing individual dwarven "races". There are quite a few different routes this could go.
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